12 Sheepish Days Series Day One - Yarn Embroidered Gift Bags

After several weeks of planning I am excited to share Day One of my 12 Days of Gift Giving With Yarn series, now known as 12 Sheepish Days. I have twelve fun projects ready to share over the next few weeks. Each project includes a different way to add a little handmade touch to your gift packaging this year. In some cases the packaging becomes an extra gift! All of the projects require simple materials like plain white paper, plain gift bags, blank gift tags, glue, and yarn. I love giving handmade creations even when I run out of time to make all handmade gifts. Even the smallest bit of handmade can bring a smile and show someone you care. I hope you enjoy making these projects for your loved ones this year. 

For these embroidered gift bags you will need...

- A blank paper gift bag
- Pencil
- Embroidery needle
- Tapestry needle
- Yarn

First, draw the shape on the bag. I chose a tree and mitten, but I can think of so many other ideas for these festive bags. A snowman, a candy cane, or a simple heart would look great! After you draw your shape, take the embroidery needle and punch holes evenly around the pencil drawing, about an inch apart. Next, take the tapestry needle to make the holes a little bit larger so the yarn can fit through the hole. Thread the tapestry needle with a long length of yarn and knot the end. Use backstitch to trace the shape on the paper bag. Bring the yarn up through the first hole and down through the next. Repeat all the way around until you reach the end. Weave in the end and tie off with a knot. Snip excess yarn and fill the bag with gifts!

Have fun experimenting with different shapes and color combinations for these bags! A few of my knit gifts this year will definitely be given in one of these mitten bags.

Please share photos of your creations and tag them with #12SheepishDays. At the end of the series I will gather together a group post so we can see everyone's holiday gift creations! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day and have fun crafting!