Happy Mail

When I'm feeling blue there is nothing like going to the mailbox to discover...
The Black Apple print I ordered as a little happy gift for myself. I love everything about this print, especially the polka dot peter pan collar. I can't wait to have a special place to display Miss Pansy. 
A letter from my friend Sarah who is working in Boston for the summer. She is coming to Dallas for our friends wedding in a few weeks, which happens to be the same weekend as my birthday! Yay! I can't wait to see her. I always feel blessed to have such a great friend when I read her sweet words. 

These postcards weren't in the mail today but they will be soon when I send them out to friends and family for them to discover in their own mailboxes. All of the Paris vs. New York pictures are so cute though...I might have to keep a few for myself.

It has been a busy and productive day filled with lots of writing, snapping pictures, and knitting. I think I will take a break soon because I have a big, pounding headache due to a mixture of stress and sinuses. I think the best cure is an evening of knitting and watching Michael Phelps swim for gold. Yup. That should work. ;)

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Have you received anything special in the mail lately?

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