Finished ABC Embroidery Sampler!

I can't believe I actually did it!! The moment I decided to start stitching the ABC Sampler, I figured it would be a very long and tedious project. I had no idea it would be so addictive! Each night I sat down to tackle a different stitch and rarely was able to go to sleep without completing at least one letter. I feel much more skilled with embroidery now that I have worked my way through this unique alphabet. Each letter was challenging, even the really simple looking ones. Keeping the satin stitch even on the "O" was especially tricky. My two favorite letters are definitely the "Q" and the "W". Actually, I'm partial to any letter with a flower on it. :)

I love being able to frame something that I made. I can't really hang my fawn-cho on a wall now...can I? For now it is on display in my room, but I can't wait to see where I get to display it in the future. I hope to display it in my home, wherever that may be, forever.

Aw man, I really do love this. I love the feeling of finishing a big project, tying off the ends, and in this case, hanging it on the wall. Although...I'm already ready to start something new. What should it be? That crochet blanket? Another sweater? Maybe I should focus on stock for the shop and fall craft fairs. The holidays will be here before we know it! Yikes.

Did you tackle any big projects this summer? How are they coming along?