Exploring Downtown McKinney

When you live in a city long enough it can sometimes feel like you've seen and done everything there is to see and do. I often feel that way about Dallas. I've lived here my entire life and as the years go by I feel like I'm walking in circles, visiting the same shops and restaurants over and over. Apparently all it takes to get out of that rut is a forty minute drive outside of the city to McKinney, TX. My parents and I took a trip to visit the downtown area of McKinney last weekend because my mom had heard good things about the area. I brought my Pentax K1000 along to practice my film skills. I love the way these pictures turned out! This camera has officially won my heart. I am so glad it was able to capture a few moments throughout the day. I still can't believe so much awesomeness is basically in our backyard. 
1. I spotted these little frog flower pots in front of different shops along the street. This one looks a little scared. He has cute polka dots though. Haha.
2. We looked around one shop that was completely decked out with fall candles, pillows and wreaths. These candles smelled just like fall and the pumpkin-themed decorations were a beautiful sight to see. 
3, 4, 5, 6, 7. The downtown Main Street area had several antique shops and each one left my mouth gaping and my eyes wide. They were stuffed full of all kinds of treasures, like spools, photographs, typewriters, dishes, stacks of Life magazines, records, furniture, and cameras. I love that black and white photograph of the ladies in the pretty dresses. I wonder what was happening in the photo? I also found some beautiful brooches to add to my collection. I can't wait to pin one on my winter coat!
8. We had pizza for lunch at Sauce and it was delicious. It might be the best pizza I've ever had, in Texas at least. 
9. They had several interior design shops in the area filled with inspiration. I love the big bulb string lights and the chalkboard wall inside this shop. 
10. Pretty flowers everywhere, in frog flower pots of course. ;)
11, 12. This rare book shop was so quiet and peaceful. I crossed my fingers as I scoured the shelves hoping to see a first edition of Pride and Prejudice. Actually, if I did see a copy it would have been torture because there is no way I could afford it. I like the spiral staircase outside too. 

We stayed downtown for hours just wandering in and out of shops enjoying the day. A perfect Saturday.
It was a simple adventure but an adventure nonetheless. :)
Do you ever take day trips to escape the everyday life of your town? I can't wait to do it again soon.
P.S. - Thank you so much for all of the congratulations about the magazine mention! Your support means the world to me.