The Beginning of a Pyrex Collection/Addiction

Meet the newest member of the Pyrex club! I feel so official. Officially what, I'm not sure, but it's official. Haha. I've tried thrifting in the past all make it look so cool! I get a little envious when I see so many amazing pictures of different bloggers' daily vintage finds. It always makes me think, "Hey! I want a pile of awesome/inexpensive plates or dresses too!" So I set out on a vintage-seeking adventure only to discover that, in fact, I live in Dallas. I wasn't aware that a big city like Dallas could be so deprived of thrifty goodness, but unfortunately that is the state of things. I visit Goodwill and Helping Hands every now and then only to find rusty pans, creepy glass figurines, and "#1 Dad" mugs. I was prepared to accept my fate of never being a cool, vintage kid until I stumbled upon this site, Pyrex Love. I'd seen Pyrex before but, for some reason, one look at the colorful pattterns and I knew I couldn't give up just yet. I spent hours looking at all of the different plates, refrigerator sets, casserole dishes, cups, mugs, and mixing bowls until I literally had to step away from the computer. I was already addicted before I even found my first piece! 
On Saturday I decided to get back up on the thrifting horse and search for Pyrex and Pyrex alone. No distractions. I went to four different thrift stores all over town until finally, at the last Helping Hands, I found it. I turned a corner and there it was! A stack of white, milk glass cups and plates all taped together with a glorious "$4" stamp on top! Hooray! I also found this beautiful blue refrigerator dish to round out my first thrift store success. 

I think I finally understand the vintage hype. It is such a rush when you spot something good in a sea of random knick knacks! I still have a lot to learn, especially in the patience department, but now that I finally made my first vintage discovery, I'll have a little more confidence when I go out there searching for treasure the next time.

Do you collect Pyrex? I would love to see your collection if you have pictures on your blog! Do you have any vintage-saavy tips for this newbie?

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