Blogging for Confidence - A Year Later...

It's hard to believe that a little over a year ago I began my personal challenge of Blogging for Confidence. I did it as a way to challenge myself to try things that scare me and, in many ways, prevent me from living the life I want to live. These challenges are never that thrilling (or even daring to some) but I can easily see how my year of little bursts of confidence has changed me forever. 
I tried knitting in public. That was fun...I need to do that more often! Actually, I need to find some more knitting buddies so we can go drink coffee and knit together. :)
I tried being a blogger in public and took pictures inside a local yarn shop.
I wore red lipstick even though it felt like a giant spotlight was on my face all day.
Eep! I dyed the tips of my hair blue to conquer my fears of feeling different from everyone else. 
I took pictures for my first outfit post. These still give me a lot of trouble. I'm just not a fan of the camera...but I'm getting better.
My first yarn bombing! This was so much fun and terrifying all at once.
I wore all of my crazy sweaters, back-to-back, one week and lived to tell the tale. Haha. It was fun and gave me a feeling of acceptance about the quirky clothes I like to wear. 

I took myself out on a date. The words "date" and "alone" are incredibly intimidating to a single girl. I'm glad I decided to take the leap and give it a try.

I think it is interesting that all of the challenges I gave myself were focused on doing something either for myself or by myself. Through each yarn bomb and colorful sweater I've learned how to simply be me. I don't think I even realized it, but I had no idea who I was until I started confronting my fears head on. Each of these challenges continue to push me as I confront insecurities on a daily basis. Now that I've graduated from college and I'm in a sort-of "limbo" situation, I definitely feel like I could easily slip back into my old ways of retreating within myself and fearing the new things that lie ahead.

This summer has been wonderful and filled with so many amazing memories! However, it hasn't been easy on my confidence, emotions, and feelings of security. Now that I am leaving one path of my life and making my way down another, I need to remember that I can still be me even though it feels like my world flipped upside down overnight.

This year of Blogging for Confidence showed me an inner strength I never knew I possessed. I pushed it aside out of fear of rejection. I always told myself, "If you never put yourself out there, then what is there to lose?". Um...a lot. I'm getting ready for a trip next week where I will be traveling by myself for the very first time. It is extremely nerve wracking...but mostly exciting. Who knew a year of somewhat meaningless challenges would get me to this point? I had no idea.

As I move forward into this next year of Blogging for Confidence I might need to put on a little red lipstick, throw on my horse sweater, and go yarn bomb a lamp post every now and then in order to remember that strength.

So be it. ;)