A Visit to Purl Soho // Yarn Heaven

Out of all of the landmarks, museums, bakeries, and generally awesome NYC things I saw last week, I took the most photos inside a yarn shop. That makes perfect sense to me! I mean, I knew Purl Soho would be a magical place but I never expected the explosion of colorful yarn, fabrics, and all-around fiber goodness that awaited me inside. Of course the coolest craft shop would be in Soho, one of my favorite areas in New York. The huge yarn selection lined both walls of the shop, each shelf filled with a color or texture I never knew existed. It is yarn heaven on earth. 

I felt a little silly taking so many photos. I was a yarn-obsessed tourist and I definitely let it show. Look at that giant crochet hook! So cool! Haha. Unfortunately (or fortunately...) my tiny carry-on luggage kept me from spending money on bags full of colorful yarn. However, I did recently order some crewel wool from their online shop for the ABC sampler.

I love visiting new yarn shops. Entire stores dedicated to crafts are some of my favorite happy places.

Have you ever visited Purl Soho? What is your favorite local yarn shop? Mine is definitely the Shabby Sheep!