London Blogger Meet-up at Drink Shop & Do

Our first day in London was uneventful thanks to a four hour flight delay and nine hour flight resulting in me passed out in the hotel room until my mom nudged me awake saying we had to eat something. So, you could say I was extremely excited to get the vacation started and hit the streets of London on our second day because of our plans for a London blogger meet-up at Drink Shop & Do. Ok, make that extremely excited and nervous. Haha. I was nervous for a few reasons: A.) It's nerve wracking meeting other bloggers! What will they be like? What if they think I'm a big goof? What if I can't think of anything to say? The "what if's" went on and on... B.) We hadn't used the tube yet so I was scared my mom and I would get lost and be late for tea. Well, at least only one of my worries came true. We figured out the tube pretty quickly, but once we exited Kings Cross station our momentary directional victory crumbled. We walked one way, searching for the street name without luck until we finally stopped to ask for help. Of course, we were going the wrong way so we turned around and went all the way back to the station. At this point, we were so late I was sure the ladies were already at the café and since I couldn't use my cell phone I was feeling a bit helpless. All of the sudden we came up to another side entrance to Kings Cross and I saw a group of super cute ladies standing around the newspaper stand. "Please be them...please be them..." I thought to myself. As soon as they started waving and smiling all of my nerves went out the window. I was so grateful to have found my fellow bloggers. The best part was when Lorna came up to the group holding her amazing, crochet Union Jack sign. There's nothing like a crochet union jack for me to know that I'm amongst friends. :)
They guided us down the road to Drink Shop & Do where we claimed the biggest table, ordered our afternoon teas, and chatted about anything and everything for the next few hours. I seriously had the best time. I don't know if something was in my pot of tea...but it was so easy talking with this group. I'm usually pretty hesitant about jumping in a conversation with a bunch of people I don't really know, but these ladies made me forget my usual fears. They could not have been more welcoming to me and my mom. I felt like a true Londoner, just out for a afternoon tea and some girl talk. ;) PLUS the actual afternoon tea was amazingly delicious. It came with scones, tea sandwiches, and a sweet serving of gummy candies for dessert. Yum. 

Here are the lovely ladies, from left to right: Jess, me, Lorna, Annie, Kat, and Carly.

This was the absolute best way to get our trip off to the right start. Honestly, this afternoon tea was one of my favorite moments of the whole week! I wish I could get together with this group again. They will just have to carry on the tradition without me. :)