Yarn Embellished Mother's Day Card

I took a break from my final papers this weekend to make something special for my mom. Since Mother's Day is the day after graduation she keeps saying that my diploma will be her present. She is so sweet, but I of course got her a gift too! I found this blank card in my stationary box and decided to dress it up. With a little yarn, I transformed it into an extra special Mother's Day card just for her! :) 

1. Take your card and decide where you want to add the crochet edge. I cut a strip off the bottom so the edge wouldn't hang over the side.
2. Use a hole punch to add holes evenly across the bottom. Take your yarn and crochet hook and follow the adding a crochet edge to paper instructions I posted here.
3. Draw "Mom" on the top of the card with glue and then add yarn over the top
4. Allow to dry

I really hope she likes it! I know it is a small gesture, but what mom doesn't love a handmade card?

Mother's Day is still a week away, but I hope she knows I never would have made it through college without her.

Thanks mom. I love you!! :-)