The Blush List - Neon Lights

Knitting // Pretty neon-tipped mittens from The Purl Bee
Knitting & Crochet // I've had my eye on these beautiful knit collars for some time now. I love the pop of color from the neon crochet border. You can find the Ravelry pattern here
Etsy // I love Faith's new color block hair bows in her Etsy shop, Ordinary Mommy. The mix of neons and neutrals is just so eye-catching! 
Style // Speaking of eye-catching...I am a big fan of bright soles on neutral shoes. I love this hot pink pair of brogues from Topshop. 
Art // This neon yellow ampersand from Ampersand Design Studio is just so simple and fun!

Food // I'm not sure if this is exactly neon...but the bright pink hibiscus butter and poppyseed shortbread from Sprinkle Bakes is certainly a colorful combination!

My mom and I did some pre-vacation shopping this week for things like travel size toothpaste and good walking shoes. I spotted a pair of similar neon oxfords like the ones above, but they didn't come in my size...and probably weren't the best walking shoes. Haha. So I've had neon on the brain. I really love the neutral and neon combination. It is really inspiring me to create something fun with yarn.

We are getting close to the big travel day. Does anyone else feel like the days leading up to a big vacation are some of the most stressful days ever? Maybe it's just me and my "worry wart" mentality. I have lots of blog writing, packing, and projects to finish before it is finally vacation time. I guess I should get back to it! I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Finish any big projects?