Weekend Baking - Blackberry Crumb Cake

My mom is such a bad influence. Yesterday afternoon, I'm trying to be extra studious and work on my papers when she starts begging me to help her bake something for a dinner at a friend's house Monday evening. Haha. Ok she didn't really beg. It is quite possible that I volunteered because...I'm just so tired of studying! All I wanted to do was relax, mix together a few ingredients and attempt to keep my brain from turning to complete mush! Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic. Let's blame those end-of-semester emotions again...

My mom clipped this recipe from Real Simple ages ago and we finally decided to give it a try. We both realized that neither of us have baked with blackberries before this crumb cake. Boy-oh-boy were we missing out! It is SO good. Thankfully we made two of these lovely little crumb cakes, one for my parents to take to dinner and one to stay at the house, so I could try a piece. It is delicious! I definitely look forward to studying with a slice of this blackberry goodness and a cup of tea.

There's nothing like a little baking to take my mind off of school stress.

Also, you guys are so right, an "I break for baking" bumper sticker would be amazing. ;-)

Have a great Monday! Have you baked anything new lately?

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