Sunshine & Polka Dots

Outfit details: Top - The True Love // Skirt - Everly // Brooch - c/o Baby Bird Vintage // Shoes - Target
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I guess I to have to get used to the fact that spring has arrived in Texas. I was wishing, hoping, praying for a snow day this year...but it looks like that isn't going to happen. Last year a "snow-pocalypse" hit Dallas hard just in time for the Super Bowl and showed the country how ridiculously unprepared we are for the slightest bit of ice. I was probably the only person truly excited about "snow-mageddon". The four days off of class didn't hurt...haha. A day filled with snow, clouds, and cocoa spells perfect to me! 

Anyway, with great anguish I am slowly tucking away my crazy sweaters, one at a time and remembering all of the good times we had together. Good times...good times...*sniffle*. Um, I'm not too attached to my sweaters, am I? ;) Even though the temperature is warming up, that doesn't mean I can't make a few "crazy" and colorful choices when it comes to what I wear. This teal, polka dot skirt is definitely not the quietest print. I had to do one of my famous "don't let others decide" pep talks before I slipped it on. I really love how it looks with the coral in my shirt. It looks especially lovely with the vintage brooch sent to me by Baby Bird Vintage. This beautiful, pearlescent birdie is the perfect addition to my ever-growing brooch collection. 

Ok, ok, spring and pretty flowers aren't all that bad. However, the entire time I was taking pictures by these lovely yellow blooms a bee was buzzing in my ear, making me jump and slap myself in the head a few times. That would never happen if there was snow on the ground. Just saying.