Instax Spring Break Memories

It's been awhile since I shared any of my film photos. I guess that is mostly because they haven't exactly looked "share-worthy". Haha. You know how it goes with the unpredictability of film. Oh, don't worry blurry, out of focus, off center pictures...I still love you in your own special way. I just love these more. ;)

Since I didn't jet off on a fun vacation for spring break, I've decided to act like a tourist in my own town for the week. I just don't get the chance to enjoy my surroundings or take a minute to snap a pretty photo during the school week. So over the last few days I've gone on little nature walks in my neighborhood in this absurdly warm weather to capture the beautiful things I overlook every other day of the week.

I'm always weirdly proud when an instant camera shot turns out well. It's like, "Yes! I didn't just waste $3 on that purple flower! Woohoo!" I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite from this bunch. I really like the reflection in the first picture along with the darker, haunted-looking shots, but I think my favorite is the little yellow dandelion in the sea of green grass. So cute!

With my graduation date looming ahead, this is probably the last "spring break" I will have for awhile. I guess I should go out and enjoy it! Have a great day everyone.