Choose My Next Blogging for Confidence Challenge - I need a little push.

It has been such a long time since my last Blogging for Confidence challenge and I think it is about time I changed that. Honestly, I'm just too chicken to give either challenge I have in mind a try. Each one intimidates me in different ways. Maybe you could give me a little push?
Challenge #1 - Take Myself on a Date // Oy. Dating is not my favorite topic in the world. I just don't go on dates that often. Who knows why, but it hasn't really happened for me and because of that, I've dealt with a lot of self-doubt and negative feelings about myself. I try not to focus on it because it just gets really frustrating. Do my single friends agree with me on this? One of my resolutions for 2012 was to date more and I honestly don't know how I can achieve that goal. Since no guys are asking at the moment, I want to take myself on a date. Just because I'm single doesn't mean I can't treat myself to a movie and cupcake, right? However, the trouble is I actually have to do it. Go out there, alone, to a movie and face the world with my singleness. I really admire people who are able to take themselves out on dates so easily. It is difficult to feel and be alone in a sea of people. This challenge will help me get over those feelings of loneliness that creep up on me throughout the day and remind me that I am worth it. 

Challenge #2 - Yarn Bomb a Desk in My Classroom // In my morning media class, the desks are in a big stadium-like classroom. Each chair has a little pull out desk and I have contemplated yarn bombing something on it for months. I don't know why my mind has fixated on that desk, but I won't be satisfied until I cover it with yarn. This challenge will be difficult because it is yarn bombing something inside and after I do it, I can't flee the scene like a bandit, but I have to sit there for the entire class and wait. I don't really talk about my blogging and knitting with my friends from school. It just doesn't come up and it makes me feel super shy when people from my real world start looking at my blog. Yesterday my entire class pulled up my blog and said the sweetest things about it. They really made my day. :) So, I guess this yarn bombing will be my little symbolic way of connecting my school life and blog life before I graduate. Also, it had been awhile since my first yarn bombing experience and I really want to try it again! Wait...does it still count as yarn bombing if it's inside? Haha.

So those are the two challenges. I would really appreciate it if you let me know which one you think I should try and why. Have you taken yourself on a date or yarn bombed something in a weird place before? Please share your thoughts and experiences. Maybe we could all do the challenge together once it is decided. That might be fun!

Leave a comment with the challenge you think I should tackle and I will do it sometime next week! :)