The Blush List - Pretty Pastel

Knitting // Pretty mittens taped to the wall by Sarah McNeil
Crochet // A lovely granny square blanket in a lovely room. Photo by Mialiv
Handmade // DIY Paper Sheep Puppet Kit from Animalia
Style // I really do love these floral jeans...but could I actually pull them off? That is the question.... 
Art // Sweets & Cupcakes by Teri Chung

Food // A sweet surprise for a milk and cookies snack, heart milk cubes from A Subtle Revelry.

I don't like to stick with seasons and trends when it comes to colors, my clothes, yarn choices...well pretty much anything. This week I fell in love with all of these pretty pastel finds even though Mr. Punxsutawney Phil just declared that springtime is still several weeks away. As far as I know, a pale blue sweater is just as warm as a black one.

I had a great weekend at home working on my valentines, knitting, and watching movies. Now it's time for reading and homework before some major television event know....

....Downton Abbey. ;-)

How was your weekend? All of your plans in the last post sounded great to me!