My Week & Weekend Plans in Doodles

At one point this semester, I planned on taking a photo everyday so I could blog more about what happens during the school week. Ha! I foolishly thought that would be an easy or interesting task. When I came home from class this afternoon, I decided to blog something different for the weekend. (Side note: Part of this decision was made purely because I was extremely comfortable on the couch with my sketchbook and didn't feel like moving.) So, I decided to do a little doodle for each day of my week, and a special *doodle edition* of my weekend plans. Haha! These were the highlights of my week:

Monday - That evening, I grabbed dinner with one of my best friends. We splurged and got gelato for dessert. I had salted caramel and it was amazing!
Tuesday - I spent the day clicking and typing away at my internship.
Wednesday - After finally deciding on my next, big knit project, I ordered the yarn and I can't wait for it to arrive!! I keep checking the FedEx tracking info...even though it hasn't changed. Haha. 
Thursday -  Two funny/fun things happened on Thursday. I attempted to take outfit photos by myself with a wireless remote. This attempt failed miserably and I just got really frustrated with myself. Oh well. All of my pictures are funny to look at though, especially the ones when I'm sporting a serious "model face". The fun thing that happened was...I ordered my cap and gown for graduation!! Yippee!!!!!!!
Friday - I turned in an essay this morning with a staple and a smile. I'm so happy that it's the weekend! 

For the weekend I plan to...

- Possibly bake these earl grey muffins? Have I been baking too much on the weekends? Nah...
- Finish two books for class. I'm currently reading Blue Nights by Joan Didion and A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry.
- Write yet another paper...yay.
- Impatiently wait for my yarn to arrive. I want to start my fawn-cho! ;-)
- Watch the Oscars! Wait, you couldn't tell that little guy up there was supposed to be an Oscar? Sorry about that...

How was your week? Do anything exciting? Any big plans for the weekend? I always love to hear!!