Weekend Plans 1/27 - 1/29

I feel like this week went by so fast! I'm not complaining one bit because it was definitely a busy week filled with lots of reading and William Faulkner induced headaches. Oh, the pains of an English major. I spent most of the week running around town for my internship and finishing homework for my other classes. I'm definitely looking forward to a very crafty weekend. Here are my plans...

1. Ever since I posted about this intarsia sweater patch tutorial I've been dying to try it! This grey sweater is probably the least crazy in my collection....for now....
2. I really want to bake the blueberry galettes I posted about earlier this week too. They just look so scrumptious! I find all of these delicious recipes but rarely give them a try. That should change, right?
3. I write some letters and need to catch up with my pen pals. 
4. I participated in Elycia and Chantilly's first craft night on Tuesday evening. It was a lot of fun! They did a live, streaming video together on how to sew a camera plush. However...I'm slow. Seriously slow. It took me ten minutes to get the needle threaded. When I looked up from my battle with the sewing needle, feeling all proud and triumphant, I discovered they had already finished over half of the camera. So....I'll be finishing that up this weekend. At my slow, beginner's pace.  
Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments about my crochet valentines! If you decide to make a few for your loved ones, would you mind sending a picture my way? I would love to do a valentine's post with all of your creations! 

Also, for some reason the reply button in the comments section isn't working. I try to click on it but nothing happens! I hope to get this fixed soon so I can start replying to your wonderful comments. :)

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you working on any fun craft projects too? 

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