Outfit Post - I wear my heart on my dress.

// Glasses - Warby Parker / Sweater - Zara / Dress - Zara / Tights - Target / Shoes - Target / Brooch / The Merriweather Council //

Look out! I'm at it again. Thanks to all of your unbelievably sweet words of encouragement on my first outfit post, I decided to give it another try. I went back to my new favorite woodland-fairyland, that now looks a bit grey, to snap a few photos in my new favorite outfit! I discovered Zara for the first time during my trip to NYC last month. After browsing the store for a matter of seconds, I started wondering where it had been all my life. I was also thankful for major discounts that resulted in the purchase of this sweater and dress. Also, my sweet friend Danielle surprised me by sending me an embroidered brooch for Christmas. I love it so much and I never want to take it off. 

I don't know why, but I am really starting to love these outfit posts. What is it about posting simple pictures of what you wore one day that makes you feel....dare I say it...pretty? This could be just me, but I definitely don't usually think that well of myself. It's the magic of the outfit post I tell you! I guess all I can do now is keep working on my self-esteem through posts like these, right? I think know it is working because the other day my friend told me how much she loves seeing me come into my own. You know what? I love it too.