New Goals for 2012!

Happy New Year friends! I hope you had a wonderful celebration ringing in the new year! I had a pretty low key evening accompanied by a few sips of champagne (sometimes I forget that I'm 21! Haha.) Plus I haven't been feeling too well the past few days, so it has slowed me down a bit. I won't let a little sickness ruin the beautifully exciting (and terrifying) year that sits before me. Here are a few of my hopefully attainable goals for 2012:

1. Graduate!! I filed for graduation a few months ago and the date is set. May I come!
2. Find a good "post college" job. I know it is unlikely that I will get my dream job the minute I cross that stage, so I hope I can find something that will pay the bills and help me find my place in this world.
3. Rid my life of fear. I'm not sure if this is something I can accomplish in one year, but I will definitely work on it. I'm very hesitant when it comes to many aspects of my life.
4. Date more. I feel so embarrassed putting this one out there...but I'm trying to be less fearful right? So there it is. I don't even know if I can control this, but I hope to meet some nice guys who like coffee and good movies this year. :)
5. Tackle another craft show. I would love to enter as many craft shows as possible this year! I will set my sights on two for now and see where the year takes me.
6. Get ready for change. It's coming. Now that my college career is winding down I need to get ready for what comes next...the rest of my life. Yikes. I sometimes struggle with change so hopefully I can work on that this semester and be prepared for a new direction in my life. we go! It's time to tackle another year. Like always, I want to be open to learn new things, like making an animated GIF for the first time! So fun! I think I am addicted.

If 2012 is anything like 2011, I think I will be just fine. :) Do you have any goals for the new year?