Study Buddy Guest Post - Knit Stockings with Bear Ears

Hi everyone! I'm Audry from Bear Ears and I'm delighted to be able to fill in here at One Sheepish Girl while Meredith is busy with finals. I've been following Meredith since March and have really enjoyed seeing her grow her business and attend her first (of hopefully many) craft shows.

I learned to knit in 2005 from the book Knitting For Dummies and my needles haven't stopped clicking since. I've been designing my own knits for awhile, but it wasn't until this year that I started to publish my patterns. Today I'm happy to share my latest pattern, Silent Snow. Silent Snow is a matching stocking and ornament set. It is a good introduction to sock and fair isle knitting. And from now until Christmas, if you enter the coupon code "sheepishknits" the pattern is free! Just head over to the Silent Snow page and add the pattern to your cart. To the left of the "check out now" button will be a spot for you to add the coupon code.

There are many knitters who suffer from "SSS" or second sock syndrome, which involves making one sock, but not the second. The best part of knitting a stocking or ornament is that you don't have to make a matching one! It's also ok if your gauge isn't exact. The stocking and ornament will still come out just fine.

Good luck with your finals Meredith! I'm excited to see where your life takes you once you finish up with school.

*Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern Audry! I can't wait to give the ornament a try this weekend. What kind of Christmas knitting and other crafty projects are you working on right now?