Sparkly & Sweet Moments from Christmas

Another Christmas, come and gone. I certainly enjoyed every minute of it! However, I am struggling to be productive again and do things outside, not wearing my new Christmas pjs. Here's a peek of my family's Christmas Eve & Day:
1. I give my mom an ornament every year for Christmas. She just loves this little version of my crochet teacups! This little cup will definitely be in the shop in time for Christmas next year. ;)
2. We just spent the day relaxing around the house. I had a little too much fun playing with bokeh again...haha. It's just so addicting!
3. Frank, Dean, and Johnny were the perfect mood music for baking sugar cookies. 
4. Sugar cookies: pre-icing.
5. Sugar cookies: post icing! I even tried a couple granny squares, but they were not even close to the pretty ones I posted about last week. Oh well. They still tasted good. 
6. More cookies and a name tag just for me. 
I always love spending Christmas with my little family. I hope we can maintain these traditions for the rest of my life. :) 
How was your holiday? What are some of your favorite traditions? Are you getting excited for the new year?