Blogging for Confidence #9 - My First Outfit Post

~ Sweater: Anthropologie ~ Dress: Topshop ~ Tights: Target ~ Shoes: Target ~ Glasses: Warby Parker ~

Don't worry. I am not becoming a fashion blogger nor am I convinced that I could be one after this post. I've been talking about doing an outfit post for months now as a part of my blogging for confidence series. Being in front of the camera really freaks me out, so I thought what better way to challenge myself to get over that fear than by putting my entire 5'11'' frame and new Topshop dress (that I just couldn't resist) in front of the lens. So, after church yesterday, I wrangled my mom into being my photographer for a few hours. We went off in search of a cool place to take photos since most places in our neighborhood are covered in dead grass. I remembered there was this pretty walking trail next to one of the playgrounds near by and...voila! A woodland fairy land smack right in the middle of suburbia. Ok...maybe it isn't that magical, but all I know is that I wanted to build a little cottage in the middle of all of the shady trees. It would be just big enough for my yarn, bookshelves, and record player. *Sigh*...enough daydreaming Meredith...

After I got over the initial awkwardness, I really had a lot of fun! I even tried a jumping picture like Kaylah does so beautifully. That is my "I'm so happy it's Christmas break and I survived final exams" face. Overall, it was a lot of fun. I got to jump around in the woods wearing my new, end of semester treat to me. I'll take frolicking in the leaves over flipping through flash cards any day. ;-)

P.S. - Things in the Etsy shop are flying away fast! Get your orders in before December 14 for shipping by Christmas!