The Blush List - Quirky & Cozy

It's finally "snuggle weather" and I couldn't be happier. I would love to cozy up to these quirky and cozy finds...
Knitting // I must admit, foxes get me every time. Donna Wilson - Fox Cushion 
Knitting #2 //  I love the design for these Henrik Vibskov knit laptop cases. So unique! 
Etsy // These mittens by Tiny Toadstool are like a piece of art! 
Style // I think I need to add this Bolla sweater by Monki to my collection! 
Art // This print is like a self portrait! ;-) I love all of Nan Lawson's work. "Green Sweater" by Nan Lawson
Food // Is there anything cozier than bacon? Add the words "brown sugar" and "biscuits" to the mix and I'm sold! I have to try this brown sugar biscuit  recipe!

I'm feeling pretty good about my Jingle Bash progress, so I might take a little break this study. Haha. I'm just taking it all one day at a time. :)

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you get a chance to relax too!