"Extra Yarn" by Mac Barnett

"On a cold afternoon, in a cold little town, 
where everywhere you looked was either white of snow
or the black of soot from chimneys,
Annabelle found a box filled with yarn of every color."
"And when Annabelle and Mars went
for a walk, Nate pointed and laughed
and said, 'You two look ridiculous.'

'You're just jealous,'
said Annabelle.

'No, I'm not,' said Nate." 
"Things began to change 
in that little town."
"News spread of this remarkable girl who never ran out of yarn. 
And people came to visit from around the world, to see all the sweaters 
and to shake Annabelle's hand."

Could this be the perfect book? I think so. I found it via Where the Lovely Things Are and I couldn't wait a single second before I shared it with you!

"Extra Yarn" by Mac Barnett is filled with cozy and colorful illustrations by Jon Klassen. I just love the watercolor look of the knit stitches. The book will be available for purchase in January and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!! Too bad I can't ask Santa to bring me one for Christmas...

Now I'm heading out to dinner with my special helpers from yesterday...mom & dad. ;-)