The Blush List - A Little Red

Red is always inspiring, perfect for fall, and a great warm color to craft with as the temperature drops outside. I couldn't help noticing somewhat of a "Little Red Riding Hood" theme happening as I put all of my finds together. Haha. Enjoy! 
Knitting //  I love these gorgeous, knitting Eames wire chairs
Crochet // What a warm addition to a morning cup of coffee. I love Kate's coffee-cozy creations at Knit Storm
Etsy // The perfect compliment to any cardigan. Little Red Riding Deer wood framed brooch by The Storybook Rabbit
Style // Ashley's red cape is simply stunning. 
Art // "Girls Like Superheroes Too..." by Gemma Correll. It's true! My favorite is Batman. ;)

Food // Mmm mmm. I'd love to warm up to a bowl of this cajun tomato soup any day.

I know this is a day later than usual, but I spent yesterday getting ahead on homework. Now I'm just looking forward to a week of knitting and studying in the much anticipated 60 degree weather coming to Texas! I can't wait!! :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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