DIY Chalkboard Signs

As you all know, I've been making preparations for my first craft show this November. I'm starting from square one, so I'm slowly gathering up the basics like a table, sign, backdrop, and money box. Now I'm trying to pull it all together with some eye-catching and inexpensive elements to make my booth look extra pretty. 
When I go to craft shows it's always frustrating when I can't see through the crowds what the person is selling and how much it costs. The Jingle Bash is known for its crowds and I want to make sure more than just the people standing in front of my table can see my goods. I love chalkboards and thought some mini versions would be a cute solution. However, the ones I spotted at Hobby Lobby cost about $6 each and were way too small! No thank you. Right next to them were these $2 birch plywood rectangles and you could say I had a lightbulb moment. With just a little spray paint, chalkboard paint, and tape, I have my own chalkboard signs that are the perfect color and size for my table! See how I made them...
You will need:
- A plywood rectangle (mine is 6 x 12 in) 
- Spray paint
- Chalkboard paint
- Painter's tape

Take some newspapers outside, spread out your supplies and spray the edges of the plywood with spray paint. You don't have to worry so much about the middle because it will be covered with the chalkboard paint. Allow to dry according to the instructions on your can of spray paint.

Apply the painters tape to all four edges of the plywood. If you want to be extra precise, add additional tape to cover the entire edge (over to the back side) so the chalkboard paint won't show up on the edges. Spray the chalkboard paint over the sign. Allow to dry according to the instructions on your can of chalkboard paint. Once it is dry, remove the painter's tape.

To prep the chalkboard, rub the side of a piece of chalk over its entire surface and erase it with a felt eraser. Now the chalkboard sign is ready for you to write whatever you want!

I'm so excited about using these for my display! Maybe you can use this DIY for your next craft show or any time you need a custom chalkboard sign! :)