DallasMADE - Dowdy Studio Wagon Tour

I saw Pam and Dylan's Dowdy Studio Wagon in person for the first time several weeks ago at the Dallas Flea. Due to crowds and time, I couldn't explore their handmade shop as much as I wanted to, so I knew that I would have to go back and pay them another visit. Thankfully a journalism assignment prompted me to visit them even faster and on Saturday afternoon I went out to do an audio story about this adorable couple.

After getting married, the husband and wife duo brought together their individual talents (He: music inspired, screen printed shirts, She: wooden necklaces, art prints, illustration) and decided to fulfill their dreams of opening up a mobile shop. Since their grand opening in March 2011, the Dowdys have set up shop at markets all over Dallas and beyond.

For such a tiny space, their wagon is so warm, colorful, and welcoming that shoppers couldn't help but come inside and explore. Every inch of usable space beautifully displays their unique, handmade items. My favorite of their display techniques is the use of little desk drawers to hold their art prints on the wall. Brilliant and adorable! The detail they put into making their wagon beautiful perfectly mirrors the handiwork put into their creations. It's just a fun space to browse some really cool stuff! Plus, the fact that I was able to maneuver my 5'11" frame through the wagon without hunching over (and only hitting my head on the doorway once) is definitely a success.

So basically what I'm saying about the Dowdy Wagon is...when can I move in?? ;)

Have you had a chance to visit the Dowdy Wagon yet? Check out their events calendar and answer the age old question "Where's That Wagon" so you can see this awesomeness yourself.

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