50 Bows Finished for the Jingle Bash Bags!

Whew! All 50 of my bows for the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash bags are finished! One of these beauties will be in each of the Bash bags given to the first 50 people in line, along with a lot of other awesome swag. So if you are coming out to shop on Nov. 19 try to get there early for one of these highly coveted goodie bags. I wish I could stand in line for one! But no...I will be inside...frantically setting up my booth. Eep! 
Oh my goodness. It's only 4 weeks away. I don't like energy drinks, but if I did now would be the time to start chugging. I'll just stick to coffee, thank you. ;) 
Thanks for all of your sweet words yesterday, my sinuses are feeling much better. I guess the tea really did help! Time to refill my cup and get back to work!! 
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