50 Crochet Bows for Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash

It's that time of year again...time to make 50 giveaway items for the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash. At each of their shows they have 50 "bash bags" filled to the brim with handmade goodies from each of the artists. They are handed out to the first 50 people in line and are always extremely popular. I decided to do something different for this show and make 50 of my crochet bows instead of the knit hearts that seemed to take me forever to finish in the Spring... ;-)

All 50 bows are due by October 31! Yikes! I need to turn into a bow making machine over here...

Last Spring, I made 50 hearts for the bash bags, but I didn't have a booth. I was just a volunteer and helped my team set up for the day. So, since this is my first craft show as a seller, I'm getting pretty nervous. Today it is officially only TWO MONTHS away. Wow. It seems so close. I've been working really hard on my inventory and researching ways to make my booth look pretty. I will definitely blog more about my progress as the Bash get closer.

*If you can't come to the Jingle Bash on Nov. 19 you can always snag one of these bows in my Etsy shop!