Weekend Plans 8/19 - 8/21

I had a wonderful birthday on Wednesday! It was filled with lots of relaxing, lemon birthday cake and my first martini! (It was *SO* good!) 

Here's what I have going on this weekend:

1. Bake some red velvet donuts in my new donut pan! Yum!
2. Read the new September issue of Vogue. Read. Flip. Repeat. 
3. Finish reading One Day. I am in love with this book! I need to finish soon so I can go see the movie!
4. Wear my *new* Warby Parker glasses as much as possible! They came yesterday and I am in love! Thanks for all of the helping me decide on which pair to choose.
5. Take lots of pictures with my new Fisheye 2. I'm taking it with me tonight when I get dinner with my friends. I can't wait to show you the film.
6. Organize my tools, yarn, and inventory. It needs to happen.
7. Read my new Audrey Hepburn book, "So Audrey, 59 Ways to Put a Little Audrey Hepburn in Your Step", and try to learn a few things...haha.  

I love my new glasses!

"A trusted hairstylist is worth their weight in gold". So true. ;-)

Classes start back up again on Monday, so I am going to do my best to thoroughly enjoy my time off. 

What do you have planned for the weekend? Hopefully something fun and relaxing! 

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