Here's to a New Semester...

And so it begins...another semester lies ahead of me. I'm sure it will be filled with a lot of unknown and a lot of stress. I have around 20 novels to read over the next few months, in addition to papers to write, and knitting to be done. After my first day of class I decided to treat myself. Why not right? I bought myself some flowers from Whole Foods as a sort of a pre-"pat-on-the-back" for the semester. Also, I discovered that Whole Foods is either incredibly kind or incredibly evil because they sell individual slices of ice cream cake (individual slices people!). I just couldn't pass up a slice of mint chocolate chip, so I quietly slipped it into my basket. 

I came home and put on one of my *new* records on my *new* record player (another birthday gift). (Side Note : This past weekend I had my first Half Price Books record shopping experience. I was browsing around, picked up a few $3 records, maybe a couple $5 records, and then all of the sudden I was holding $60 worth of records. Oh my. It's addicting isn't it?) Nat King Cole is just so dreamy. I sat down looked at my pretty flowers, listened to Nat sing "When I Fall in Love" and started knitting. It was nice to truly appreciate some free time. As the semester continues, I need to remember to do that more often instead of worrying about what I have to do next. 

Plus, if mint chocolate chip ice cream cake is involved, what could I possibly worry about?

Here's to another semester....let's do this. :-)

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