Blogging for Confidence #6 - Color Theory

If you haven't noticed already, I love color. I love to knit with color and take pictures of color. I mean, my Instagram feed basically looks like a busted bag of Skittles. I'm not sure why, but I just tend to navigate toward bright, bold, and eye catching things. 

However, sometimes I feel like my attraction to color greatly contrasts my timid personality. I never want attention and usually avoid it at all costs. I'm able to translate my love for color in my knitting and blogging very easily, but when I try to do it in the "real world" I get easily intimidated. In my mind, a person who wears bright colors has confidence and wants the world to take notice. Just take a look at Elycia, Kaylah, and Elsie! I completely admire the way they use color to show off their personality.

I buy colorful clothes, shoes, and accessories and like them in the theory. But any time I wear them, I feel about a foot shorter and even more shy than usual. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?

A few months ago I bought these two shirts from Urban Outfitters. They are the same style, just different colors. I bought them both because I thought it would be nice to have options. I've worn the cream one on the left about every other week this summer. I've worn the orange top twice. When I was looking at these shirts in my closet this morning, I finally realized I need to get over this color fear. What is wrong with me that I can't confidently wear the colors that I love? From now on, it's my goal to fully represent myself through my outward appearance. 

I guess that's why I've decided to dye the tips of my hair blue. (I made the appointment for next Friday!!) It's not just some silly attempt of a shy, sheltered girl to feel like a "rebel'. I'm adding color to my hair because I finally want to feel like myself. 

I'm a shy, crafty, colorful, knitter and don't you forget it. ;-)

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