7 Things...

I found this post through my lovely blogging friend Erin over at Bows and Sparrows. Prompts like this make it easier for me to open up, but usually take me forever to think of the answers! Also, the different glasses in the picture above are my home trial glasses from Warby Parker. I have five days to choose a pair and I would love to know what you think!

Ok, here goes...

1. London
2. Paris
3. Sydney
4. Rome
5. Greece
6. Amsterdam
7. Switzerland

1. This blueberry icebox cake. YUM.
2. These yarn pom-pom hair pins. They are too cute!
3. A cabled rag bath mat.
4. DIY heart tights.
5. Song lyric wall art.
6. My nails to look like this.
7. This floral headband.

1. Frank Sinatra
2. Abraham Lincoln
3. Audrey Hepburn
4. Grace Kelly
5. Jimmy Fallon
6. Danielle Spurge (In real life, not just skype!)
7. Elsie Larson :-)

1. A typewriter.
2. These kitty cat figurines...(I'm not ashamed!)
3. This Pride & Prejudice sweatshirt.
4. A vintage dress.
5. A Frank Sinatra record.
6. Warby Parker frames...I'm close! ;-)
7. A Bachelor's Degree...I'm close to getting that too!

1. Ignorance
2. Staring
3. Fake compliments
4. Google + (I don't get it yet!)
5. Parking lots
6. Shopping for pants. (Oh, tall people problems...)
7. Texas weather

1. Rear Window
2. Roman Holiday
3. Pretty in Pink
4. Clue
5. Rocky II
6. Singing in the Rain
7. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

1. Poodle
2. Brackish 
3. Pinky 
4. Wiggle
5. Cactus
6. Cul de sac (the plural version is even funnier...culs de sac....hehehe.)
7. Snippet 

If you give this post a try, leave the link in the comments box so I can come check it out! 

Also...I have my hair appointment tomorrow morning!! In a few hours I will have blue in my hair...crazy!!! I will try to have a post with pictures by tomorrow evening! Wish me luck! 

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