I love short weeks...

...Because the weekend gets here so much faster! Although, once the week finally started, I got slammed with projects and unfortunately didn't have enough time to do a Blogging for Confidence post. :-( However, it made me so happy when I discovered that another blogger, Kaycie, was inspired to accept the challenge and give red lipstick a try. She posted a few pictures on her blog and looks absolutely wonderful with red lips! You should check it out and cheer her on for being bold. Don't forget to let me know if you do a Blogging for Confidence post too! :)

Do you have any big plans for the weekend? There's not too much going on over here, just a few little things that I want to accomplish. (See picture above):

-Start a new project with the pretty yarn I bought at the Shabby Sheep.
-Paint my nails. (I tried to get all fancy with nails for the Fourth of July, but things got ugly and there are bits of about five different polishes on my nails.)
-Read/drool over the Anthropologie and Free People catalogs that came in the mail the other day.
-Make that yummy looking tomato tart for dinner.
-Decorate my inspiration journal. The plain brown just isn't working for me.
-Take some pictures with Diana. I think she's been feeling a bit lonely with all of this Instax talk...

I hope everyone has a wonderfully relaxing weekend!