Finished Crochet Baby Blanket

Did you think I'd forgotten about this baby blanket for my friend's new (and probably shivering at this point) baby boy? ;-) 
I can't believe it took me so long to finish. To see just how long, you can find some progress pics here and here
I'm really happy with the finished product though. I didn't want the colors to be too baby-ish so that little Jonah can carry it around with him for years to come. For now, I take comfort that he can finally snuggle up in this blanket that was made just for him. 

Ok it's time to get serious. I really can't tackle anymore personal projects until...January. The fall knitting season is almost here! And hopefully, *fingers crossed*, I will be knitting like a mad woman for my first craft show in the fall!!

How was everyone's weekend? I hope you have a lovely Monday.