Blogging for Confidence #5 - Knitting in Public

Yesterday I left my house and general sense of security behind for the afternoon and took my first attempt at knitting in public. I even went to a new-to-me coffeehouse to make it an even bigger adventure. 
*Ahem*...clearly I am not an adventurous person...but you get the idea. 
I went in and ordered a chai tea and lemon scone. At least if I chickened out and didn't knit a stitch or take a single picture, I would have something yummy to comfort my shame. Somehow I managed to find a seat amongst a sea of laptops. I needed a spot where I could take ridiculous photo booth pictures and the smallest number of people would be aware of the strange blogger in their midst...(Exhibit A: see photo above). 
The tea and scone were insanely delicious! I hesitantly pulled out my big camera to take some photos of everything. Uh oh. Nervous again. I snapped my first picture thinking everyone in the quiet coffeehouse would look at me all at once, glaring from behind their books and laptop screens. Realistic, right?! HA! Shock of all shocks, no one seemed to notice or care about what I was doing in my own little corner. I finally pulled out my needles and started knitting away. Only one guy gave me a look when he got up to put up his plate, but other than that, I just sat knitting in peace. I only used my computer to take a few pictures and then quickly put it away so I wouldn't use it as a screen to hide behind. 
I'm not really sure why the thought of knitting in public makes me so nervous. I mean, I'm not ashamed of being a knitter! I even feel a little proud when I get the chance to tell someone that I knit. It's one of the few times in my life that I fully accept one of my oddities. So why wouldn't I want to go knitting all over town? No idea. I really enjoyed leaving the safety of my couch and the atmosphere of a coffee shop with other people, feeding off of each other's concentration. I think I finally understand all of the fuss about knitting in public! 

Oh dear...

Another successful challenge complete! I can't wait to go back to Crooked Tree, especially in the winter, and knit myself silly. 
Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my other Blogging for Confidence posts! They are so encouraging. I've also noticed that quite a few of you have grabbed one of the buttons and joined in on the challenge. That is so great! You can always put the links to your posts in the comments box or just send me an e-mail! 
Have a great day everyone.