Weekend Fun - Productive & Tech-Free

How is everyone doing? I had a wonderful "unplugged" weekend! I'll be honest though, there were moments when I had to be restrained from posting pictures to Instagram. I'm so weak!! But somehow I made it through with nary a tweet. Minus technology, I managed to get a lot done, like make these new crochet tea cups for the shop! I will be listing the different colors on Etsy throughout the week! 

Some other things from the weekend...

I bought a pack of new notebooks to jot down my inspirations. If only you could turn the page through the computer screen...you would see the greatest. idea. in the history. of. ever. Get ready. 

I wore my new summer skirt. It's good for twirling. 

I watched Charade for probably the 1,000th time. Audrey Hepburn. Cary Grant. This scene. Enough said.
"Women make the best spies." 

"How do you shave in there?"

And we had the best brunch at a restaurant  in a cute old house! 

And I did some late night nail painting. Don't they kind of remind you of stars at night? That's what I was thinking anyway. 

I love checking things off my list and having fun at the same time. I guess unplugging for a few days was worth it after all. 

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