Knitting Inspiration - Old Hollywood Knitters

If you know me at all, you know that this picture of Frank Sinatra knitting is almost too much for my little heart to take. My two loves united in possibly the cutest picture of all time?? Am I dreaming?? Quick, someone pinch me. I love old movies as much as I love knitting and the combination makes me one happy lady.
I wish I had a handsome fella like Fred Astaire would stare at me while I knit. Ginger Rogers, you are one lucky lady...
I pretend I look as sexy as Sophia Loren when I knit. Is that normal?  
It looks like Cary Grant is having trouble with his stitches. Oh, but isn't he the cutest? I hope these pictures make you smile today. I found most of them on this lovely board called "Knitting in Black and White" on Pinterest
(P.S. - The Frank Sinatra picture?'s my iPhone wallpaper.) ;-)
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