Etsy Dallas Craft Party

On Friday night Etsy Dallas hosted their Etsy Craft Party at the ridiculously cool space that is Oil and Cotton. My teammates decked the walls with paper bunting and tissue pom-poms. 
Of course there was refreshments and cupcakes as far as the I could see....
I happily contributed a batch of my apple spice cupcakes with brown sugar, cream cheese frosting.
Taken with Instagram
Along with all of the crafty commotion, Etsy Dallas hosted a free raffle. This is my beautiful teammate Cheyne winking from behind the raffle tickets. 
Photo courtesy of Dowdy Studio
Oh and this is me...awkwardly posing to show off the prizes for the raffle. There was only one prize I had my eye on though...
Photo courtesy of Dowdy Studio
The Holga...*sigh*. My friend Jenni and I worked out a trade if she happened to win the camera, but unfortunately we both walked away empty handed.
They also had a great photo booth for everyone to get their picture taken and strike a pose. 
Photo courtesy of Dowdy Studio

I had such a great time Friday night! I love that so many fun-loving, crafty people had the chance to come together and party down, Etsy Dallas-style. 

Did you go to a Crafty Party held in your area this weekend? I would love to hear how everyone celebrated!