Blogging for Confidence - New Series and My First Vlog Post

Ok people. It's a good thing I am starting a series related to self-esteem because I have been fretting waayyy too much about posting this video. I just have a few things to say before you begin.

1.) I'm sorry for the picture quality. I'll work on that.
2.) My voice is surprisingly quieter than I thought...crank up those speakers.
3.) If you think this idea is silly, please let me know before I embarrass myself further. 

Ok I guess that's it. I'll just be in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth as you watch this...

So that's it! I'm not sure if this idea is relevant to anyone else, but as you can see, I definitely need to work on my boldness and general feelings about myself. A few of the challenges I have in mind are: An outfit post (oh no.), going on an adventure by myself, wearing red lipstick ALL DAY (too much attention my face), knitting in public, yarn bombing, and some form of the game truth or dare.  

If you like, grab a button, and spread the word! This will be fun...(once I get over my initial terror of this vlog post.) Haha...Happy Friday everyone! 

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