Blogging for Confidence #3 - Being a Blogger in Public

Well this Blogging for Confidence post certainly popped up unexpectedly! Yesterday, I planned on going to The Shabby Sheep to do a little yarn shopping for the fall. I brought my camera along because I thought I would do a blog post about it. No sweat, right? Ha. Wrong. I walked inside the  little old house and found myself to be one of three people inside. *Gulp* I imagined my camera sounding like a bolt of lightening with each picture I took in that quiet space. Feeling a little defeated, I shuffled around just looking at the beautiful yarn. Finally I started thinking - if I ever want to be a real-deal-big-time blogger I need to get over my shyness and whip out the camera! So I did just that! 
Look at all of the pretty yarn! Doesn't it make you want to drool a little? No? Just me? 

Isn't this painting creepy? I snapped a picture of it just for you. ;-)
After browsing around for awhile, I went outside and discovered that the ladies of the Shabby Sheep had yarn bombed one of their trees. I love the vibrant colors. It inspired me more than ever to give yarn bombing a try! Should that be our next blogging for confidence post?

Yesterday was such a victory on the confidence front for so many reasons! Along with taking regular pictures, I even pulled out my Instax camera to take a picture for the 52 Weeks of Instax challenge. Sheesh...and I thought my digital camera was loud....haha. 

The only pictures I've taken in public for this blog have been at events, and in that case, I'm usually not the only person toting a camera. Today I was the "lone blogger" without anyone else to hide behind. I even had to awkwardly refer myself as a "blogger" to the woman working at the yarn shop when she asked me why I was taking pictures. For some reason, that felt really weird to say out loud. But I guess it's official now! Look out world. Meredith's a blogger.

*Thanks for all of your feedback on yesterday's post! It looks like it is spilt down the middle in regards to doing this as a group or individually. I think I have an idea! If you also struggle with taking pictures in public, why don't you give this a try for your next post? Use this weekend and next week to tackle your fears and then blog about it! E-mail me your posts and I will compile them into one big group post next Friday! How does that sound?

If you come up with your own ideas, do it, blog about it, and send me your links! I really can't wait to see your challenges!