Summer Vacation Pictures // Vancouver, BC

I hope you don't mind me posting a few pictures from my vacation last week! My family and I went to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia in Canada! It was an adventure filled with beautiful flowers, cool weather, and the most ridiculous seafood I've ever tasted. Ever. 
Our first day was a bit bumpy (for reasons I'm not quite ready to share on the blog...maybe someday). By day two, we were a little defeated, but were hopeful things would get better. And oh boy did they. 
We went to Stanley Park, a public garden in Vancouver, and walked around for a few hours. Me being a bit of, what my dad likes to call, a "tree hugger" I was over the moon to see giant trees and beautiful blossoms. It was just so different from the twig-like trees in Texas.
We also went to the Vancouver Aquarium and saw some pretty sweet rainforest and sea creatures. 
The best thing we saw was this dolphin tossing a fish in the air, taunting this poor little seagull into thinking he was giving it to him. Who says animals don't have a sense of humor... 
We also went on a fun sunset cruise around the harbor and I discovered something...
Forget my dreams of cottages on the English countryside. I want to live in a little blue house that floats. Or green. I'm not picky. 

Tomorrow I will post my pictures from Victoria, BC, which will forever be called "my pre-London experience".