Union Jack Teacosy - Countdown to the Wedding

**(See my progress on this teacosy here and here.)**
The teacosy is coming along! What do you think so far? I've finished the two outer pieces and now I'm working on the lining. I still haven't tied up all of those ends...I tried to delicately tuck them away, but alas, you can still see the insanity that lies beneath. I'm not sure if I will finish before the royal wedding (only 7 days!) but I will definitely work on it as I watch the grand spectacle in the wee hours of the morning. 
It's Easter weekend, but I really don't have a break from school. I have to work on papers and get ready for my LAST WEEK OF CLASSES! I can't believe this semester is almost over. I'd appreciate some happy thoughts from you guys as I push through this last little bit of craziness. :-)
If you have some time off this weekend, I hope you enjoy it!