The First Pictures from My Pretty Diana+

Isn't she lovely? I'm pretty much obsessed with this little plastic camera and the fuzzy-fun photos she makes. After seeing so many inspiring snapshots taken with the Diana's and Holga's and such on different blogs, I decided I needed to take my (new) love for photography to the next lomo-level. (Some of my favorites can be found here, on The Rockstar Diaries blog.)
It took me forever to finish my first roll of film because I was sooo nervous that every single picture would come out black or blurry beyond recognition. The seasons even changed from snow to spring as I was cautiously snapping pictures. These seven pictures were the best of the roll and I am so proud of every single imperfection, and I'm really not sure why. :-)

The last picture is my cat April, doing what she does best.
Sweet Diana is fully loaded with some black and white film and ready to capture my life. I can't wait to see how they turn out!
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