My First Roll of Black and White Diana Film

So the black and white film finally came in!! I'm not as happy with these as I was with my color film, but I think they turned out ok, don't you? Obviously full sunlight worked best because the few fuzzy ones were either inside or in the shade. Does anyone have any black and white film tips for me? If you do, please share! :-)

I tried to take a picture of my shadow. It kind of worked...haha.
Yikes. That's the death stare right there. Don't look directly into her eyes...

This last one is my other cat, Abby. I've yet to get a good picture of her on either roll of film, but I thought this one looked pretty cool of her silhouette. Very mysterious...haha.
I better get ready for class. Only two weeks left!! It's crunch time. 
I'd love to hear your thoughts about the pics too! Have a great day! 
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