More Knit Hearts for the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash Bags

I'm finished with 32 out of 50 of my hearts for the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash bags! They are due April 15, so I look like I will make the deadline!
I've definitely decided against the loop that I was thinking about adding in the last post. I like the suggestion of making it a pin. It would be so cute to wear on a shirt or purse! 

I found these cute, mini lunch bags at Hobby Lobby today to package together the hearts, my business cards and quite possibly a discount for these incredibly lucky 50 shoppers. :-)

I'm working on the blue hearts today and the purple ones are up next. I can't wait to see the rainbow of hearts together. It will look so cute and colorful! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'll just be here, writing papers and knitting. :-)