WIP Wednesday - Union Jack Tea Cosy

During spring break last week, I felt the urge to start a knitting project for myself. I wanted to try something small and learn a new skill at the same time. This Union Jack Tea Cosy pattern from Ravelry is just what I needed! 

In order to knit this british beauty, I needed to teach myself intarsia. Haha, easy right? Wrong. On my first attempt I spent a minimum of four hours knitting away, only to realize that my yarns were tangled and I was doing it completely wrong. I couldn't even salvage the twisted mess...so into the garbage it went. *sigh*
I think I was having difficulty for two main reasons:
1. This pattern is done in garter stitch, not in the traditional stockinette, so I got confused when twisting the strands on the wrong side. 
2. Intarsia is HARD!
Thanks to the lovely forums on Ravelry I found some great resources, like this site explaining how to knit intarsia with a garter stitch. I also used these YouTube videos found here and here.

I finally got the hang of it and it is coming along nicely!
Do you think Wills and Kate would like it as a wedding present? ;-)