Inside My Knitting Bag.

Since it is almost a new year, the time for cleaning up life, I decided to organize my knitting bag. I was carrying around three-month-old magazines and scraps of yarn from previous projects. It feels so good to have everything organized and ready to knit through 2011.
This bag is a Pleated Tote from Vera Bradley. The pattern and shape remind me of a grandma's carpet bag...I adore it.

So here it is, down to the bare minimum. Of course my current project is in my bag at all times along with my Instax Mini (for taking inspiration photos) and iPod.

I like to keep extra needles and hooks in my bag too, just in case I need to adjust my gauge. I also keep an idea notebook close by to draw out my ideas so I won't forget.

In this little pouch I keep my tape measure, tapestry needle, scissors, stitch counter, cable needle, and stitch markers.

I wonder how long it will stay this pretty....?
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