Ho Ho Ho

Well, I survived finals! I think this was my best semester so far. My adventure with Etsy had a lot to do with that actually. I am stunned at how amazing this whole experience has been. I can't believe that I made over 50 knitted creations in these four months! I could seriously use a hand massage...or a manicure. 

My Etsy friends weren't kidding when they told me about the busy holiday season. I mean, how does Santa handle this time of year?! I have been knitting like the wind for the past few days fulfilling orders in time for Christmas. Thankfully my parents have been helping me with the packaging. They are such helpful elves. 
The headband with the red bow was featured in Etsy's blog The Storque on Wednesday. Through that, I got a couple last minute headband orders and just shipped off the last one. So exciting!
Now all I have to do is watch White Christmas for the hundredth time, bake cookies, and relax.  
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