Kathleen Kelly: I thought all that Fox stuff was so charming. F-O-X.
Joe Fox: Well, I didn't *lie* about it.
Kathleen Kelly: "Joe"? "Just call me Joe"? As if you were one of those stupid 22-year old girls with no last name? "Hi, I'm Kimberly!" "Hi, I'm Janice!" Don't they know you're supposed to have a last name? It's like they're an entire generation of cocktail waitresses.

If you haven't seen You've Got Mail yet, you absolutely should. It is one of my favorite movies to watch in the fall. This quote from the movie inspired me to check out some cute F-O-X-es on Etsy.

Rusty the Fox by SunnyPlum

Fox Recycled Felt Applique Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson